KOMUM Conferences’ sophisticated and internationally recognized system ensures that attendees can easily register for events and access all necessary information in one place. KOMUM handles all communications with participants, answers any questions they might have, and provides assistance in every aspect.

The KOMUM team has extensive experience and success in organizing conferences, both big and small, domestically and internationally. Experience has shown that developing efficient processes and delivering outstanding service every time are the key to a successful event.

KOMUM ensures smooth event registration process and easy access to necessary information. It’s simple to fill out the relevant online registration form, book a hotel, and take care of payment. KOMUM uses a modern and well-known system that creates registration forms customized to the needs of each conference holder.

At the conference venue, KOMUM conference staff serve as the primary contacts for the conference holders and their guests. The staff are also available to answer attendees’ inquiries, manage registration, and distribute materials.

Hotel reservations

KOMUM books, ensures, and guarantees adequate accommodation in all price categories for guests.


Do your guests or speakers need assistance in planning trips? Do they require information about day trips, or are they interested in booking a table at a restaurant? KOMUM can assist!