Conference abstract

A successful conference hinges on a well-structured program. The organizing committee is responsible for ensuring the quality of the content presented at the conference. KOMUM Conferences accepts all submitted abstracts from authors who wish to present their material in a lecture. A recognized management system is used to oversee the conference agenda and provide the organizing committee with the necessary support.

All abstracts are collected in a digital format, allowing the organizing committee ample time to assess the value of the content. This also enables authors to change their text if deemed necessary by the committee. KOMUM is involved throughout the entire process, from the submission of abstracts to their final publication.

KOMUM sets up a registration form for abstracts and handles all communications with the authors.

Program and published material

KOMUM’s project managers assist in setting up the program and other materials related to the conference, whether for a website or printed content. KOMUM works with exceptional individuals who are experts in their respective fields, including graphic design, copywriting, and other areas essential for conference planning.