Conferences and meetings are ideal settings for connecting with like-minded people, building a network, and staying updated on all the latest. KOMUM Conferences’ strength lies in the vast expertise of its team, extensive experience in organizing meetings and conferences, and in taking care of everything concerning the needs of conference guests, from their arrival in the country until their departure.

KOMUM leads the project preparation and coordinates the project teamwork involved in planning each event. A detailed checklist, compiled at the beginning by teams of representatives from both the client and the vendor  respectively, covers all aspects related to the project and the execution of the event. This includes matters concerning the requested services, their delivery, and arrangements at later stages.

Financial matters

KOMUM oversees the financial aspects of the project and sets a budget that is followed throughout its duration. Regular monitoring of the project’s finances can make a difference in terms of the results and decisions that need to be made. KOMUM handles all invoices with suppliers, VAT, and settling the project once it’s completed.


It’s important to reach all potential collaborators, exhibitors, sponsors, and other target groups before the event. KOMUM advises on the best ways to connect with these groups.


Strong connections often form at meetings and conferences. These relationships are typically forged at receptions, conference dinners, or other related events. KOMUM has extensive experience in putting together social agendas tailored to each specific event. The team  takes the time to understand your wishes and help your guests have an unforgettable time that paves the way for important future connections.

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